Friday, January 24, 2014

Blackcurrant and Gooseberry Vodka

I made fruity vodka!

This is such a simple recipe, and it was very tasty!
I have a really nice farm shop near me - New Manor Farm Shop, if you are interested. One of the things they sell there is frozen fruit. Freshly picked and then frozen.

I went home, defrosted the fruit (blackcurrants and gooseberries), blended it up, poured the fruit into jars and topped up with vodka! 
Honestly, how easy is that?

I used about 100g of fruit per jar (350ml jar), and then about 250ml vodka.
Any kind of vodka will do, as you will mask the taste.

If you wish to turn it into a liqueur, which you will be able to drink straight (when chilled), then add approximately 100g of fruit, 75g of sugar, and top the jar up with vodka (about 175ml). 

I left them about 2 weeks before straining them to remove the fruit.

I've also made some sloe gin, that has been going for about a month now, but won't be ready for at least a few more weeks.

I hope you enjoy them, let me know if you make it!

Zoe x

Friday, January 10, 2014

Giant Flowery Cupcake

I have been holding off on posting this for a while, because I wanted my sister to write the post, seeing as it was her who made the cake! But she decided to be a bit shy and she also has quite a lot on as she has just started uni!

Isn't this a pretty cake?

My sister was thrilled when I gave her this giant cupcake cake mould! Of course she had to make a cake as soon as she got it!!
You can buy them here. I recommend getting a silicone one, they hold their shape and its super easy to get the cakes out. I've heard that it is really hard to get the cakes out of the hard metal tins. Just be careful not to bend the cake too much when you are getting them out or they may break!

We used a generic cake recipe to make this cake. You can use this one here for a vanilla cake, and add additional flavours to this mix, if desired.

Some people obviously couldn't resist long enough for me to take my photos!!

Hope you enjoyed this - and leave some comments! My sister would love to know what you think :)

Zoe x

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