Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vodka Gummy Bears

You are probably thinking 'what?!?!' right now....I know I certainly was when my friend Dan (go look at his blog, the Shrimpdude) introduced me to these!
Vodka gummy bears?
Its literally what it says on the packet...Gummy bears soaked in vodka.
But I soaked mine in a peach schnapps and vodka concoction, in hope that the peach schnapps would make it taste nicer. Ever made vodka jelly shots? Strawberry and raspberry flavours taste amazing with peach schnapps (with or without the vodka). I'm sure orange would too.

The clear gummy bear was after it had been soaking in the liquid for less than 24 hours, and the green one is a normal gummy bear that hasn't had anything done to it. You can obviously see that there is a massive change!

So how do we get this gummy goodness?

You will need:
- Gummy bears (or any other gummy sweets)
- Vodka (...and peach schnapps)
- A jar. Or a glass bowl. Nothing plastic! Apparently it makes the sweets taste weird.

Tip the gummy bears into the jar. Leave enough room for the liquid, and for the sweets to swell up.

Then add the alcohol, covering the sweets. 
It might turn a bit cloudy, but that is nothing to worry about.

Lid on, and done. Leave it for a few days to soak up the alcohol. I topped mine up on the second or third day because it didn't seem like there was much left. Its now 2 days after that and there is no liquid again!! Gummy bears must be really thirsty! And drunk....
They went from this...
...To this!

Okay, so one of those photos was edited on Instagram and is more zoomed in than the other, but you can still see the edges of the jar and how much they have swollen up!!

Zoe x

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